Veterans Kicked Out of Great Park

To Make Room for Massive Development

Measure B is Bad for Irvine. Vote NO on B!

Measure B is multi-billion-dollar developer FivePoint’s attempt to get their hands on 125 acres in the Great Park for massive development projects that will bring 10,000 additional cars and trucks pouring into Irvine neighborhoods EVERY day, while pushing our approved Veterans Cemetery over to the El Toro “Y”.

Measure B began last year when developer FivePoint convinced the Irvine Mayor to call an emergency meeting (on just 24-hour notice) to pass Ordinance No. 17-08, allowing FivePoint to exchange their undesirable property at the El Toro “Y” (one of the busiest, most congested freeway interchanges in the nation) for property at the Great Park that had been planned and approved for the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery.  If FivePoint had not gotten involved, construction of our Veterans Cemetery at the Great Park would have begun last July, with an operational date set for Veterans Day 2019.

Follow the money! Irvine veterans and our neighbors formed the “NO on B” campaign. We have hundreds of individual donors. The “Yes on B” campaign was organized and is being funded by ONE donor…and it isn’t a veteran.  It’s the developer who will financially profit if this measure passes! For the financial disclosure FivePoint doesn’t want you to see, click here.

The difference between a “No” versus “Yes” vote on Measure B:

A “No on B” vote will keep the Veterans Cemetery at the Great Park and stop FivePoint’s plan to bring massive development to the Great Park, along with 10,000 more cars to north and central Irvine.

A “Yes on B” vote will move our long-planned and approved Veterans Cemetery from the Great Park to one of the busiest, most congested, polluted freeway interchanges in the nation.

For a complete timeline of how we got to Measure B and how FivePoint’s money is behind it, click here.

On June 5th, Irvine voters can honor our veterans — not developers — by Voting NO on Measure B!

Additional Cars & Trucks Pouring Into Irvine

The Council’s scheme with FivePoint has already delayed construction of our Veterans Cemetery at the Great Park for a year, and threatens to make Irvine’s traffic crisis even worse.

On June 5th, help us STOP FivePoint by Voting NO on Measure B.

Join the Fight

The “Yes on B” campaign was organized and is bankrolled by ONE donor…and it’s not a veteran. It’s a developer!

Help us fight FivePoint by making a donation and posting a lawn sign in your yard, encouraging your friends and neighbors to join you in voting NO on Measure B on June 5th. 

What Irvine Veterans are Saying

This change of course by the City Council is a travesty. I’m a Vietnam era veteran and I was promised the Great Park, not a vacant lot between the 5 and 405!

Edward Blackman

As a veteran of two 13-14 month tours in the war in Vietnam, I feel that the City Council is letting us down and I am so sorry that I voted for them!

Pedro Chavez

I am a veteran. Irvine is my hometown. I need the Cemetery built! No more building. Enough is enough! No respect! Just money grabbers! Shame on you!

Robert Kawalec

As a veteran, I want the Veterans Cemetery located in a peaceful and well planned setting, not a location selected as an after-thought that is surrounded by freeway traffic.

Robert Sapinski

I am a veteran myself and believe the Cemetery should be in the Great Park and the other arrangement is a complete sham!

Frank Liger

 I am a retired military member who served 30 years in the Air Force. What the Irvine City Council has done is a slap in the face to all veterans living in Orange County.

George Gumbrecht

The Great Park location was approved long ago after a lengthy permitting and environmental impact process. I’m a Vietnam-era veteran whose remains will probably be interred at the Vet Cemetery when my time comes.  We need to back the original location without anymore delays.

Timothy Hoffman

I’m both a proud US Navy veteran and a shamed resident of Irvine. The recent decision to literally give away valuable property for less valuable property to facilitate further commercial development, is unconscionable and outrageous.

E.R. Hilderbrand

I am an Army Veteran and was part of the Honor Guard for 5 years. We were excited about the Veterans Cemetery at the Great Park and disappointed that greedy City Council members would mess up a plan that was about to be implemented at the last minute like they did.

Jeffrey Woo

I am a Vietnam era veteran and have served 40 years in the military.  Let the veterans who have served this great nation of ours and who have sustained our freedoms have a final resting place on the historical and hallowed grounds at MCAS El Toro.

Colonel A. S. Marraccino

Having served my country in both Iraq and Afghanistan, I feel the cemetery should remain on the old El Toro Marine base. I currently reside in the Great Park and would be honored to have those who served our great country interred as my neighbors.

William C. Hyser

I served in Vietnam and have lived in Irvine for over 30 years. Please keep the cemetery where it was originally planned. The Great Park is here only because of the men who served and died for our country. Don’t let the builders win!

Ronald Davis

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